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I didn't like it.

This is too "hip-hoppy" for my taste. You can do better GR!

g-r4ve responds:

eww 4/10 just because it wasnt to ur taste =/

Sorry I haven't been on Newgrounds in a while GR!

I love you dude! Your awesome. I forgot how much I loved your music. Can u AIM me whenever you make a new song from now on? Please? Oh well. Nice to hear you again.

g-r4ve responds:

sure thing

Hey man! This is Justinjale from AIM!

I like this one! This was good, but I've seen much better songs from you. It was a bit too repetitive also. I love your originals soooooo much! They're so diverse! These remixes you make aren't as good as those.

HouseMasta responds:

you like my originals better? wow, thats a first. usualy people like my remixes better, but dont fret. ill be submitting more originals as time progresses so be sure to check back often!


This isn't house!!!

You don't know anything about house. That's miscellanious! House is kind of like rap not like anoying loop.

nyiddle responds:

And that matters so much that it just changes the world, now doesn't it?


You're one of my favorite artists but it's called defcon zero. It's by paragonx9. They always play his music on the audio portal. But this song is very moving. Wanna see Nelly? :,)


I love love cheezy audios!!! How did you memorize the song though? Do you watch it or something?!

my favorite

my favorite audio poratl submission


it sounds like a piano player with nop fingers

Finale responds:

Thats pretty funny. You're kinda right... Heh

Good but late

This is great AND acurate but don't you think the game is old?

mark9 responds:

isnt Mario kind of old? How many animations do you see that involve Mario in them?


thanks for the review

I like dig dug

The things with zeroes are things I don't know what they are.
I bet I'm the only one who knows this game

Haven't been on in a while until now. I like to hang around the audio portal a lot. Visit my band's website: blametheodgonline.co m

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