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sounds like u actually have real instruments

yay. im starting to hate all the ppl who r submitting rock music without even being in a band

Smirne responds:

sure we do!


I totally made a song that sounded just like this on rockband except i think it was better. I'm glad somebody else uses the southern rock organ on the guitar.

RyanTime2 responds:

Are you saying I stole this track? >:C ANyways.. wheres yours?

It's so catchy

Sounds like video game music. It's so awesome.

Where did the name come from?

I like it. I like all of your songs. It's hard not to give you a 5 and a 10 every time.

I like it

I love how it varies through the whole song, but that beat manages to keep the song the same song. If I left the loop going, I wouldn't know that the song was over. Great job!

It's brisk

relaxing and energetic. how did you pull that off?

My favorite!

Thanks for uploading it G-R! Love you man! This is totally going on my iPod!

I love u HM!

Great! This would be SICK for DDR! It sounds like Freezepop. I do like them, except Liz's voice is wierd. This deosn't have vocals so it's awesome!

Do you still have your old tracks?

Those were awesome! I remembered Rapture was my favorite. This reminds me of your old tracks, and that is why I'm voting 5 and reviewing 10!

I got up and danced to this in my chair!

You rule G-R! This is great! I didn't like the wierd voice-type thingy. I thought something died.

g-r4ve responds:

haha i love that voice

Haven't been on in a while until now. I like to hang around the audio portal a lot. Visit my band's website: blametheodgonline.co m

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