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one thing...

...where are the arpeggios?


sorohanro responds:

where is the 10?
anyway ...
arpegios went in town to have some beer

I got bored during the intro, but otherwise good

Let me guess, drop D? THis sounds like Slayer. Yay. Please, I hope I never hear a long, repetive intro like that ever again. Are those drums artificial?

not rly punk, but pretty good.

i didn't like it, but i realized that this wasn't rly punk. it's pretty hip-hoppy. but it's pretty good.

dustin2006 responds:

so you like it? lol. this is like middle eastern hip hop i suppose.

good, but not punk

resubmit this somewhere appropriate and i will vote u 5 lol this is good.

an1ma7ion responds:

Nope. No resubmitting. cause... you know... I'm awesome

I remember this one

I love this as much as I love most of your songs. Although a lot of people thought this was your best, I still think it was rapture. lol I'm never going to drop that :)


ozzy is a beast. i think the vocal could've been a little better though. BTW are those emg pick ups?

This is the best guitar I heard on newgrounds

YES!!! FINALLY!!! GOOD GUITAR!!! the bass is very interesting too. the singer reminds me of paul stanley too. GREAT JOB!!!


This isn't too special. Doesn't sound hard to play either. I think if your guitar isn't that great, get a singer to back you up. Also, the title sounds really "posery", but that isn't why I gave you a 6. I give it a 6 because it doesn't sound like you put in that much effort. But it still sounds good for most people. the only part I really liked was the weird part at 1:22 except it doesn't really sound good. Its interesting though.

DarKsidE555 responds:

It doesn't sound hard to play? Well...as a no0bplayer like yourself it should be pretty hard. Go on, play that fucking shit at 180 bpm. Do it. Show me your awesome playing skillz that you don't have in your current state. Seriously. Furthermore I did this track TWO YEARS ago. You might want to tune in to my newer stuff. You'll be surprised. Scores do matter shit to me btw.

Also, what's wrong about the title? I give titles how I want, how I feel playing this tune not because it has a possible SAW reference or something. Kids...

Not much effort? Gawd...now that's the killer. Yeah, I always put 0 effort in my tunes. Seriously, this is one of the dumbest reviews I've ever recieved. I like constructive critisism but this is just childish..."I like this part but it doesn't sound really good, just interesting."

Learn to write a review first, then come back. kthxbye.

Is this real guitar?

I have no respect for people who submit things to the rock genres who don't even include real guitar. Dude, I need a tab for this. I love how you used the wah pedal. I love the sweep picking part. I love the rhythm. This is just so hardcore.

it has a real ramones sound


Smirne responds:

gabba gabba hey!

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