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Pretty Fresh

I like it. It sounds almost dubstep to me.

axeFX responds:

thats because it is!

i like how the guitar is so tight

my favorite part is the beginning with the palm mute stuff. i like the leads a lot. you should start working on the vocals for this song.

ShiftyD responds:

your favorite part would be the palm mute stuff, becuz its more or less just a hardcore riff

what was with the hating on my funk song?

yours is just as much of a joke as mine. if you weren't such a hater, id give it 3 stars.

Tistfree responds:

n***a u gay

it's not very heavy :\

This definitely isn't your best. It takes too long to pick up. I didn't like it until like 2/3 of the way through.

axeFX responds:

its all about the progression and flow.


Nice shredding. Some of the bends were annoying and of key, but I'm sure that's how you wanted them to be. 5/5, 10/10

TheRealSam responds:

Well... not realy actually.
I know they sound pretty crappy, but I only have a Zoom pedal to record my work, and it doesn't have a realy good sound.
But anyway, thanks for the review!

Ok - Voting 3

3 things:

Chill with the flanger
Make the rhythm more lively
Less slow parts

xeran3 responds:

...not sure what u mean with flanger....there is none, but i am working on it so i'll prolly post another soon


You really know how to do this. You just need a vocalist.

deathkllr84 responds:

Yeah vocals would be nice, but it takes away from the music sometimes. Thanks bro \m/

Very nice

The build up took wayyyyy too long. I loved in when it started to get heavy. you should try some twin lead stuff. Good stuff!

Watde18 responds:

Yeah... i was listening to it earlier today, and i was wondering why i did that... the original rough copy of it was a short and sweet intro... i might redo it.

My name is Lucifer, please take my hand...

Nice! All your base are belong to Black Sabbath! All your bass are belong to Geezer Butler!

Xth responds:

I guess they do. Thanks!

lol that distrotion pedal sucks....

nice job though. this is how metal should sound, not a ton of garbage low notes

Nullified responds:

Haha, yeah it does. I need a new amp really. I thought getting a pedal until i have enough for a new one will do :)

Thanks for the review :)

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