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Decent, but I have a question.

How do you record drummers? (I'm not a drummer)

It sounded cool...

...until the hammer ons came in. They sounded off key. everything else was good though.

please explain your guitar rig some more...

what pedals are they? The rhythm sounds sick. it's got a heavy bottom like the Boss Mega Distortion. I wanna know the secret!

Sonofkirk responds:

I will PM you with my guitar rig settings. I have a boss metal zone but I didn't used it to make this song. Anyway, thanks for the review !

sounds real video gamey

its so fuzzy yet so clear. the beginning is epic.

I like to hear guitar stuff!

You've got good taste in music. Do you have a band?

Sonofkirk responds:

yeah I have three bands in fact :P

A punk band named Blighted

A funk band named Psychogroovyfunk

A progressive band named Illuvision

oh,and thanks for the review !

The guitar is too quiet...

...but the song is well composed. It sounds like progressive metal. Now it just needs vocals.

cazok responds:

I'm not that terrible at singing, it's just that I suck at writing lyrics

sounds like a power ballad, but its too boring

sounds like a power ballad, but its too boring

It would've been ok with a different synth, but...

...this is a guitar song, so please don't ruin anymore good guitar songs. Thank you! :D


YOU CALL THIS A COVER???!!! I was excited when i heard the first chord, but then you only did the easy part, and still failed.


it was ok, but it wasn't even close to eruption so please don't say that it was your version of eruption, but I can tell it was inspired by it so meh

Haven't been on in a while until now. I like to hang around the audio portal a lot. Visit my band's website: blametheodgonline.co m

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