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Pretty Fresh

I like it. It sounds almost dubstep to me.

axeFX responds:

thats because it is!

i like how the guitar is so tight

my favorite part is the beginning with the palm mute stuff. i like the leads a lot. you should start working on the vocals for this song.

ShiftyD responds:

your favorite part would be the palm mute stuff, becuz its more or less just a hardcore riff

what was with the hating on my funk song?

yours is just as much of a joke as mine. if you weren't such a hater, id give it 3 stars.

Tistfree responds:

n***a u gay


i clicked on this song hoping that it was the aqua teen hunger force song. whatever. it was nice to listen to :)

it's not very heavy :\

This definitely isn't your best. It takes too long to pick up. I didn't like it until like 2/3 of the way through.

axeFX responds:

its all about the progression and flow.


Beastly shredding! This sounds like one of those solo shredders. Nice job!


Nice shredding. Some of the bends were annoying and of key, but I'm sure that's how you wanted them to be. 5/5, 10/10

TheRealSam responds:

Well... not realy actually.
I know they sound pretty crappy, but I only have a Zoom pedal to record my work, and it doesn't have a realy good sound.
But anyway, thanks for the review!

Ok - Voting 3

3 things:

Chill with the flanger
Make the rhythm more lively
Less slow parts

xeran3 responds:

...not sure what u mean with flanger....there is none, but i am working on it so i'll prolly post another soon


You really know how to do this. You just need a vocalist.

deathkllr84 responds:

Yeah vocals would be nice, but it takes away from the music sometimes. Thanks bro \m/

Very nice

The build up took wayyyyy too long. I loved in when it started to get heavy. you should try some twin lead stuff. Good stuff!

Watde18 responds:

Yeah... i was listening to it earlier today, and i was wondering why i did that... the original rough copy of it was a short and sweet intro... i might redo it.

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