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i didn't like the beginning

everything else was beastly though

Is that real guitar?

I can't really tell if that's real guitar. What scale was most of that stuff in? I know you definitely switched scales. No offense, but it kind of drags like a loop. Ok, now I'm pretty sure that's a midi guitar. If it is, I don't really care about this anymore.

My name is Lucifer, please take my hand...

Nice! All your base are belong to Black Sabbath! All your bass are belong to Geezer Butler!

Xth responds:

I guess they do. Thanks!

lol that distrotion pedal sucks....

nice job though. this is how metal should sound, not a ton of garbage low notes

Nullified responds:

Haha, yeah it does. I need a new amp really. I thought getting a pedal until i have enough for a new one will do :)

Thanks for the review :)

nice job

melodic metal is great


it could use double bass

Eternalreich responds:


This is really cool

This is going in my favorites. The synths are really cool as in chilly. You know...uh.. refreshing. It's kinda hard to describe. Wicked awesome GR!

axeFX responds:

I changed the song


This is one of my favorites now. Its intense and fast, just like Rapture. Thanks for giving us something beast to listen to.

axeFX responds:

Wats rapture?

Heavy and Thrashy

I like the guitar's heaviness a lot, but there were these various parts of the song that ruined it for me. I didn't like the first chorusy sounding thing, and the phaser part. On a happier note, I really liked the super thrashy part 30 seconds or so into the song. Nice mixture of nu and black metal btw

TheBardOfBlasphemy responds:

hehehe... yeah that part at 0.30 is my fave too... i can't get it out of my head and I'm scared that i will just start belting it out while i'm walking down the street or buying some milk or something...

"that'll be 3.50 thanks"... "first i'll fuck you in the ass!!!"

One of the best!

I enjoyed this one. It's almost as awesome as Rapture. I really like the tempo change at the beginning. Everything's so "swirly" with complicated sounds moving freely but together. It's like chaos somehow under control. Well done!

g-r4ve responds:

I know it sounds like a tempo change... but im not THAT good =p Tempo changes are WAY too much work. Its just the sound effects I used that made it sound like it sped up

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