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it could use double bass

Eternalreich responds:


This is really cool

This is going in my favorites. The synths are really cool as in chilly. You know...uh.. refreshing. It's kinda hard to describe. Wicked awesome GR!

axeFX responds:

I changed the song


This is one of my favorites now. Its intense and fast, just like Rapture. Thanks for giving us something beast to listen to.

axeFX responds:

Wats rapture?

Heavy and Thrashy

I like the guitar's heaviness a lot, but there were these various parts of the song that ruined it for me. I didn't like the first chorusy sounding thing, and the phaser part. On a happier note, I really liked the super thrashy part 30 seconds or so into the song. Nice mixture of nu and black metal btw

TheBardOfBlasphemy responds:

hehehe... yeah that part at 0.30 is my fave too... i can't get it out of my head and I'm scared that i will just start belting it out while i'm walking down the street or buying some milk or something...

"that'll be 3.50 thanks"... "first i'll fuck you in the ass!!!"

One of the best!

I enjoyed this one. It's almost as awesome as Rapture. I really like the tempo change at the beginning. Everything's so "swirly" with complicated sounds moving freely but together. It's like chaos somehow under control. Well done!

g-r4ve responds:

I know it sounds like a tempo change... but im not THAT good =p Tempo changes are WAY too much work. Its just the sound effects I used that made it sound like it sped up

please explain your guitar rig some more...

what pedals are they? The rhythm sounds sick. it's got a heavy bottom like the Boss Mega Distortion. I wanna know the secret!

Sonofkirk responds:

I will PM you with my guitar rig settings. I have a boss metal zone but I didn't used it to make this song. Anyway, thanks for the review !

I like to hear guitar stuff!

You've got good taste in music. Do you have a band?

Sonofkirk responds:

yeah I have three bands in fact :P

A punk band named Blighted

A funk band named Psychogroovyfunk

A progressive band named Illuvision

oh,and thanks for the review !

The guitar is too quiet...

...but the song is well composed. It sounds like progressive metal. Now it just needs vocals.

cazok responds:

I'm not that terrible at singing, it's just that I suck at writing lyrics

sry, but fake guitar is horrible

please, it would've been good, but it sounds so bland with the artificial instruments

eRiKcaS responds:

Thanks for the ..erhm constructive critisism...


i reviewd the one with out a solo
im so jealous cuz i can't sweep pick. i've been practicing for a while. for some reason, i can sweep pick on my friends guitar though :P

sorohanro responds:

practice some more and record a solo on the other one ;)

Haven't been on in a while until now. I like to hang around the audio portal a lot. Visit my band's website: blametheodgonline.co m

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